The funny thing about rejection…Once you’ve learned how to accept “no” as an answer. You see it in every form it comes in. You learn how to go back in the past and accept every “no” you’ve ever been given. Then you learn how to release it. Just as you’ve been released over and over without closure. Without any resolve as to why you’ve been rejected. Then you learn you were never the one who was rejected. But you were turned away from a situation that didn’t serve you. You were told no by circumstance and situation that would have rotted you. Then the next time you receive rejection it won’t hurt you. Not because you don’t care… But because you finally understand it’s not you who’s been rejected. It’s the negativity that found you to much to hold. Felt you to warm for it’s gripping cold clutch. It sent you off to somewhere you’ll be valued, loved, and respected. Where your warmth will be appreciated. Ase!


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