Today I’m trying my best to practice patience with myself…The one thing I’ve always wanted is my own business. A platform of some sort that I could help others. Encourage them to find their true value in themselves and not waiver from that truth. Since I’ve started this blog I’ve had a difficult time putting it all together and understanding the process in its entirety. There’s so much to it that along with my personal life, I find it all to be challenging. But just like I teach my clients you have to put in the work. Challenge defines your character and gives opportunities to grow. You don’t stop because it’s hard… You don’t give up because you don’t understand. You take your time and learn what it is you need to follow through to the end. So to my future client, I say to you…In your time of adversity, when you feel as though you want to give up because the work is difficult. Don’t let confusion overwhelm you! Don’t let uncertainty block your development! Take your fear and use it as motivation. Because the harder it gets you’ll come to realize how close you are to your true goal. I believe in you! Peace and Blessings, Ase.


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