A tale of fool’s gold, wiser be his heart…

I, Charlie Lyric, thank you before hand. For I am just a humble philosopher of men and life. I come from humble means, with an humble education. Though I’ve dedicated myself to a life long pursuit of understanding faith and love. While in my studies, I’ve been bless enough to gain wisdom vicariously from elders and their experience. Culminating theory through my own perception along side their words. I hope to share the abundance of my knowledge and that it is deemed true wealth to future generations . May it be meditate upon by those of nobility or those that come from humble means. May it be consumed as food for thought and nourishment for the soul. Not to be took as a matter of fact though to be deliberated upon. Expending upon precision and broadening world view. In stumbling upon this piece of niche literature. May it be said to the on looking now. If your fallacies are not groomed to speculate in critical thought. This exert is not meant for your consumption and I apologize that you find no pleasure in these findings. Though if you are one that mediates on what’s beyond the mundane. I invite you to digest the reflections of my findings.

The most devastating blow a man in love can feel. Is not fully understanding how to please the keeper of his heart… Because he does not use love as a tool. Though his will and mind is ruled by his heart. A man driven by the actions of his heart’s desire while in the state of love, is a most valuable man indeed. For his affections are blind, his intentions are pure, and motivations are pronounced.

His enemies will see his flaws, his friends will know his dreams, and his family left behind to start anew. He will find strength in that which he holds dear and that will be his achilles. He would roam the darkest corner of hades would hell reach out to grab his truest treasure. Stand on the highest of heaven’s realms when being in the presence of what his eyes behold. Be patient with the man whom has fallen into whimsical bliss. For he is just as a babe, naive and earnest. Exploring dimensions that you, the on looker, could not possibly perceive at this time. Would you not know love you would only see him to be a simple fool. Or if you have too, at a time, had known the fondness of being head over heels. You may just as well understand his folly like behavior. Mind your tongue when speaking towards the metaphysical philosophical fallacies of men’s heart. For his words will turn the morning dew towards the evenings calm.

This man has not lost his wit and his sword has not dulled. He is only experiencing what every sane man, woman, child, and the elderly prays to the heavens above to experience before their inevitable end. The most truest pure unadulterated unapologetic unfathomable trance. Wise he will become from such an experience and only a fool would take such a journey. Though only a fool knows well enough there is no gain without risk, No life truly lived will be without lost. Be ye for this man, know that he would need the comfort and conceal of few. Because along his journey he will discover there is not many men that walk amongst the creator’s perfection. That truly grasp the complexity of the heart…

As ignorant as he may seem. Using the means of practical prowess when in regards to love is left best to do by men of stoic practices. For these are the men that balance the heart with the mind. Lead by emotional fulfillment only found in the means of pleasure. So it is said by scholars a like, that these men too, are driven into the same state by love. Would it be means of rationality there will be no simple way to complete the task. Only to feel would be the most genuine expression one could understand outside these faculties.

So on looker if you could find it in your time of day. Take the moments to see the ongoing administration and honor this man feels through his action. Because this man would have a different approach towards life at this time. While his sense is driven by the motives of the heart. He will find the smallest appreciations in life and exaggerate them from what he believes to be honest expression. Oh, how his peers will show signs of envious jealousy or giddy fondness for his easy going demeanor. Because his heart will be full and therefore he would be at peace.

So I say to this man, an mere student of life and philosopher of mankind. Be glad, be present, and be honest. Once you reach the other side of your journey, blessed with old age and mirrored by a bill of picture perfect health. I pray your tales would be full of laughter, May you experience but few moments of sorrow because they are unavoidable, may they be necessary lessons of life. Never by trivial means done by men nor self inflicted. May there be many tales of fine wine and good warm food. That you were surrounded by those who gave honest conceal and that came with warm full hearts. That you conceived most wonderist bounties of lash prosperity in abundance. That you gave life to many young babes that grew to be most productive and well adjusted members of society. Contributing remedies to the worries of the world for the betterment of mankind. Continuing your legacies sowing they’re loom into the future generations that brings honor to your family’s name… Oh, how I pray to the heavens ye bright eye fool. That the creator and those that assist righteousness, Blesses you with longevity in life. That you live in love and grow wise because it was most satisfying to do so. Best of luck to you on looker. May you share the fool’s experience and it ends with just as much gleeful delight.


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