Grooming for Love?

Today I was in the Salon getting my hair re-twisted by one of my favorite people. As usual, the conversation was stimulating as always. We got on to the topic of love and spirituality(Which we all know is Charlie’s thing! haha). Within the conversation, she made a very valid point. Love can not be taught but has to be shown. She made the statement that love isn’t rational but practical. It can’t be taught by a book but has to be shown through action. Only through loving someone can you learn to love properly. In which I agreed!

I don’t teach people how to love or give them a written out strategy on how to pursue it. Inside I give methods to the already formed bond. How can we better approach one another, how to undo the toxic patterns that pre-exist within a suffering relationship, what’s the true issue, and how do we address it properly? I truly believe there has to be a certain atmosphere form to cultivate love. A culture of validation, acceptance, and accountability. There have to be new patterns formed for a relationship to survive or to even prosper. So I wouldn’t call it teaching but grooming my clients for success in love. There has to be a space created to show it’s ok to make mistakes. It’s alright to not understand and to be vulnerable. That being held accountable, strengthening reliability, and finding common ground is a responsibility.

I can’t teach anyone to love themselves or even to love their partner the proper way. What I can and will do is give you tools and techniques to properly form this culture and help produce an atmosphere by us working together and coming to a full understanding that it’s us versus the problem. Not the other way. So come along with me and be open, ready, and prepared to face the issues. To gain new tools and learn new techniques to better love yourself and your pattern.

At the end of the day, when I meditated on the conversation. I found myself in a place of acceptance. That love is something we all seek endlessly and we all want to experience. But just like anything else, love takes work and it’s something we all have in us. From the moment we enter the world and leading into those predestined final breathes escaping our lungs. We came here longing for it and we’ll walk towards our closing moments hoping we had an abundance of it. We have to be ready and willing to learn new ways… To adapt to a world that so callously abuses the slightest sign of it. Surrounding ourselves with people who’ll cherish it and do all they can to nurture its roots.

It may not be teachable but as I’ve said throughout this blog. It can be cultivated and if people are looking for healthier ways to love. Then as a coach isn’t my duty to give them those tools.. I believe so.. Peace and blessings, Ase.


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