The valuable people in our lives.

So I’m scrolling down Instagram and I see a picture that inspires me(This is nothing unusual. Just putting that out there for context. I’m a creator I see things all day that inspire me but I rarely share that inspiration spontaneously). There’s this really interesting page that post pictures with philosophers, creators, and psychologist along with some of there most inspiring quotes printed on them. I love stuff like this! Because as light-hearted as I am. There’s a whole spectrum of emotions swirling around in this coach and I love anything that can jolt both the intellectual and Empath in me( Just your regular everyday Libra over here seeking that good ol balance haha). The philosopher that moved me to words today would be, Arthur Schopenhauer, a German philosopher. You might know of his work “The world as Will and Representation” or “The wisdom of life” (I haven’t but will be soon!). The quote that did it for me was “Mostly it is loss which teaches us about the worth of things.”

So you’re probably asking how exactly did this inspire you, Charlie? Where did this inspiration go? Well lucky you my friend! Not only will I tell you where it went but I’ll be so kind as to share it with you. Hopefully, when I do it’ll inspire you and add value to your day in some form or fashion… So I took that picture and I posted it on my Instagram as well. Sharing these words with in it’s caption section!

It shouldn’t take losing someone to see their value. For you to completely be cut off or left behind to truly appreciate they’re worth. Often we take for granted the most valuable relationships in our lives. I don’t mean ones that are based on money or material things. I mean the relationships that bring a smile to your face, the relationships that give you a sense of security, the people in our lives that give us validation when the world rejects us. Most of all when we reject ourselves. It’s people in our lives that we can’t replace because they’re irreplaceable and worth more than any material thing the world can offer. Those are the type of people I want you to enrich your life with. In whatever form or fashion, it comes in I want you to know that type of love and cherish those people the way they deserve. It’s not about putting anyone on a pedestal or whatever else your ego tries to feed you. Just like you deserve to be loved and valued so do the people who are priceless in your life. Because after all the only way you’ll receive the love you deserve is if you project it into the universe first. Peace and blessings, Ase.

I personally believe as a relationship coach. People don’t get the appreciation nor the validation they truly deserve! Sometimes it’s due to ego and other times we just don’t know how to properly express that validation. So today I want you to make a point to appreciate someone that enriches your life. That makes you feel loved and most of all appreciated. Rather it’s a hug or just kind words… Acknowledging the healthy relationships in your life and nurturing them will help them grow even further. Even more so projecting to the universe that you are worthy of this love and it will surely send you more in abundance. With that being said let me be the first to start our small personal goal for the day!… You are worthy, you are acknowledge, you are appreciated! If no one tells you today I love you. Peace and blessings, Ase.

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Instagram user: @thephilsoph


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