Unconditional self love….

So I had a follower from Instagram contact me (Who I shall be conversing much more I hope). I instantly knew who she was because I see her like a lot of most post (which I’m truly filtered by!Thank you for your support!). She asked if I could take a questionnaire and I happily agreed. Getting to the questions I realized I wanted to wait for a space and time that I could actually give genuine full answers. By the end of it I thought of my podcast and how much I speak on this. So… I thought hey ” why not post this on our safe space”. I’m always searching for a learning experience and a teachable moment.  

1.”Why do want to love yourself unconditionally?”

Answer 1: I focus on loving myself unconditionally because as you get older love comes with boundaries. Our whole lives we are told to be a certain way to receive love, attention, affection, and even validation. Some of us learn boundaries and some of us don’t. I didn’t learn boundaries until just a few years ago and I’m still learning. Having self-love is important to me because you need it to pour into anyone else. It’s very important that you learn how to give and receive love the way you want to give/receive it. But more so… When those boundaries come into play you need to know how to respect them and to place them. Loving yourself teaches that. The first and most important thing it teaches is that you are worthy of love and you are deserving of unconditional love over anything. The source it should always come from is self. You’ll never search for it, you’ll never beg for it, and you’ll never settle for less.

2.”What are your top questions about knowing, fully accepting, and loving yourself unconditionally?”

Answer 2: At the moment I don’t think I have any. I’m always asking myself what I need, what I want, and vice-versa(what I don’t ). I constantly check in with myself everyday and speak to myself when I’m low or high. I don’t think these answers can come from anyone else but yourself. I’m still on a road to accepting my unconditional love fully. It’s a long journey but it comes with wisdom and patience for self. (This question threw me off at the time because I didn’t understand it until this moment haha. But I still answered it.)

3.“Have you done any work to loving yourself as you are and if so, what?”

Answer 3: Definitely always working on my shadow self. Most of all I pay attention to myself and how I’m treating others. It tells me where I am emotionally and then I take the time to sooth or appreciate my actions. More so then anything I’m always validating myself. Allowing myself to not only feel my emotions but to express them freely, unrepressed or filtered. Always being authentic to myself with honesty and embracing every part of myself. Rather it’s good or bad… (I tagged a extra bit on at the end there… Honestly could give a deeper answer. The more I mold it over the more I want too… I think I’ll wind up doing so… Maybe on a podcast?)

Overall these were the results. These are important questions and honestly ones you can reflect on.You could do so personally or if you like you could go over on Elizabeth’s side and answer them for yourself. I enjoyed them and honestly I may start doing something just like this with in the structure of my own budding community… Peace and Blessings, Ase.

Question source: https://www.paxintegrity.com/ https://instagram.com/tarocle.connections?igshid=kuz12qwzvn7s


3 responses to “Unconditional self love….”

  1. Thank you for the insights! Reading the answers and questions my IG friends submitted has been an eye-opener about where everyone is and the journey they’re on.

    Having worked with myself and my clients I agree and resonate with so many of the points you made. I look forward to the podcast episode. I just chimed in about self- love, shadow work, standards and boundaries as a guest on a podcast for empaths. I’m happy to see people like you create safe spaces and bring the topic into conversation because it’s been a relatively unaknowledged and yet necessary thing to know and practice.

    I welcome anyone else who would love to participate in the Free What it takes to Know, Accept and Love Yourself Unconditionally Workshop at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdec_K6-r2ppMdzOK7EtNhVDNDukGYH51yW_UR1YXk58jxmgw/viewform


    1. I love this! This is exactly the reason I started “Our safe space” to bring focus on the topics like this one. The thought process of self-care and cultivating love/self-love. I would love to have you on “I’m just say’n” when you have the free time.


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